Friday, July 6, 2012


little supermodel
OK, I'm getting tired now...

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Location! Location!

Our neighborhood after the fireworks.


Lily's first Itsy Bitsy!!

All dressed up!

Last night Lily got all dressed up to go out for Mommy's birthday dinner. I'm glad I got some photos because she pulled her pigtails out in the car!

teething... but look at her sweet dimple!

see her pretty new shoes?


pinchy cheeks, a button nose and piggytails, does it get any cuter?

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Three Pines Studio had a gallery opening for Otto Bacon, a local Ironsmith. John and I had a talk about metal and how it could be formed into different shapes, he was pretty sure that I was wrong and that there was no way to bend metals. Lucky for him, Otto brought his forge to the gallery and was doing demonstrations. John introduced himself politely and then Otto explained how the forge worked. He gave John a pair of safety glasses and then let him help bend iron! In the end, he gave John and piece that he twisted and bent himself, what an awesome learning experience!

Waiting for the fire to heat the iron
bending metal!!!


Today was the annual Cross Village 4th of July Parade (yes, on the 1st of July...) We love riding in PopPop's Morgan every year, John has been counting down the days and today did not disappoint!  After the parade there is an open house at Three Pines Studio and Gallery where every year we indulge in American Spoon Foods Gelato.  Last year I wasn't able to indulge in this sweet treat but this year Joann ordered Sorbetto for Lily and I, what amazing friends we have! Mmmm, everyone loved the blood orange sorbetto!

sharing :)

Looking back, this is the 5th time John has been in this parade, what great memories!

Age 1
Age 2
Age 3

Hm. For some reason I can't find pics from last year... I know we were here! I'll have to hunt...

Friday, June 29, 2012

Blowing Kisses

This is for you, Daddy! Sorry if there is no sound, but she is saying 'Hi Daddy!' and blowing kisses :) xoxoxo