Wednesday, June 22, 2011


On John's birthday we were in Chicago at Dan and Erin's house. Lucky for us Ken, Kristen Ariana and Parker were coming into the city that day and were able to come for dinner! The cousins had such a blast playing together, John and Parker got on like gangbusters! It was so fun to watch them laugh and get into mischief together, John copying everything his big cousin did. Ariana simply adored Lily, and Lily gazed at Ari for a long time, never breaking eye contact. These two are the only girls in the bunch, they've got to stick together!
When they arrived the outside light was just beginning to fade and the sky was looking a little dark and heavy with rain. Kristen grabbed her camera, a chair and Lily and snapped a few shots. Seriously, there was no planning on these and they were literally taken in less than 5 minutes, I think we did okay! Thank you Kristen, for your talent and impulse, we love you!!!

We also managed to get John to slpw down long enough to take a couple shots... my sweet boy, I can't believe he is 4!!