Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

TQ and PopPop in New Zealand:: A Photo Journey

Oh, and this is what I've been up to these last weeks...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday, Funday

The weekends have taken on a whole new meaning since Jeff started working a 'real' 9-5 job (actually 8-4:30). Although we always seem to have chores and errands to run, we have really been making quality family time a priority.

Yesterday was HOT. Seriously. 33 Celcius which translates to roughly 91 Farenheit. However, I am trying to take advantage of this increased energy before Lily comes and I turn into a zombie so I got up and made Crepes! I've never done them before but they turned out amazing (a little on the thick side, but practice makes perfect). We had Nashi Pears from our neighbors tree (best neighbors ever!) so I made warmed pear with cinnamon, strawberries with sugar and had 2 kinds of yogurt to have in the crepes. We weren't sure how John would react, but I think the pictures speak for themselves... he ate more than I did!

After breakfast we went over to Waikawa Bay where the boat is and Jeff did some chores aboard while John and I played at the park. We ran into some friends there and made plans to meet later in the afternoon for a swim at the beach. After lunch and a siesta we made our way back to Waikawa. Hanging out with friends at the beach was a great way to spend the afternoon! John has been making great progress with his confidence swimming, he went all the way up to his armpits in the water and even went underwater without drinking the seawater (yes, the underwater part was an accident). Our friends brought their kayak down to the beach with them and Jeff took John out for a paddle, the wind had picked up considerably but he had a good time.

I wish I could say we all slept well last night, but John ended up with a fever and it was too hot to sleep well anyways... Oh well. It has cooled down a lot today, with a high of just 24C (75F) so unless Lily decides to make some progress tonight I'll be catching up on my sleep!

New Developments

It feels like John is growing by leaps and bounds these days... I don't often have the camera to capture these changes, but here are a few of the newest interests/developments in our world.

John has been really interested in learning his letters lately- so a little sidewalk chalk out on our black deck has been great- lets just hope it washes away :) Oh, and the practice is paying off- he can now write his name and ABBY- sometimes the letters are out of order and sometimes perfectly backwards, but he's really getting it- and so proud!!!

Another thing he has recently mastered: the 'fireman pole' at the playground... he doesn't even call out for a spotter anymore!

Our little architect has also been building a ton with his magformers. We out the 'directions' away and let him just imagine- he described this creation as a car carrier for on a ship- yes, he is his fathers' son...

Also on his list of new interests is a fascination with playing dress up... I think he makes a pretty cute knight :) Thank goodness for Playcentre and their full closet of dress up clothes!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How Low Can You GO?

Well, its February 2 and we are just about 2 weeks from Lily's official due date. The random ladies on the street (library, supermarket etc) have been commenting lately that she has 'dropped'... What do you think? I say- Lets get this party started!!