Saturday, January 31, 2009

At 19 months, John is a little young for potty training, but we've decided to at least begin talking about it and familiarizing him with the basics. John has his own potty down below that we keep just outside the head (bathroom) on the boat. John is fascinated with how his (and everyone else's) body works, as I guess every toddler is. He likes to accompany both Jeff and I into the bathroom and is especially curious when Jeff uses the rail... by that I mean pees over the side into the ocean. John now makes sound effects when he sees Jeff standing at the rail (its pretty funny) and sometimes he stands at the lifelines himself and makes the sounds. Yesterday after a really long nap, John woke up covered in sweat- it was really hot muggy with no wind yesterday. I took John's diaper off and let him run around on deck naked to air out for awhile, poor guy has prickly heat on his bum! Well, guess what?! Little man peed over the side! He did it with purpose too, he actually peed 3 times and got it at the rail twice, not to bad! I was so proud I took pictures, he may not be potty trained but he's rail trained!

Look close and you will notice the wood is wet, his aim isn't quite there.

John sitting on the 'real' potty, just for practice.

Chillin on his own potty (with a toy of course)

Friday, January 30, 2009

John does the Caribbean....

We left Key West on an overnight sail, to arrive at Marina Hemmingway on New Years Eve. It was an uneventful sail, actually we ended up motoring a lot of the way. We spent just over a week in the marina, playing in the pool, checking out the 'old town', watching the really cool old cars go by and meeting some really neat people. John is adored by everyone he meets, although he is often more than a little pushy for attention, people just seem to eat it up!
We sailed around the cape on the Western side of the island, stopping in a lot of small, mangrove covered anchorages with a couple of other boats. The only people we met in these places were the fishermen, who were more than happy to 'sell' us langusta (lobster) and pescado (fish). One evening we got about 5lbs of lobster for about $7 US- not a bad deal! We still have some in the freezer to enjoy later, you can only eat so much!!! John was fascinated with both the lobster and the fish cleaning, as you can see he was keen on helping daddy!!