Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Too Cute


There was a boat moored next to us for awhile from Chicago called Lolligag. They came over one evening and asked to take pictures of John for their BLOG. I just read what they wrote and it brought a tear to my eye....
Check out their blog at


A few more pictures of John on his boat...

Daddy's Home!!

Jeff got back to the boat last night around 9:30- after 2.5 weeks we were very ready! John was already sleeping so he didn't get to see Daddy until this morning, but that's OK. John slept in until 7:30 and when he woke up I went to get him as usual (I didn't want him to be scared!) and then I brought him back to see Jeff in the aft cabin where our bed is. At first John wasn't really sure what to think, and then he got a big smile and laid his head on Jeff's chest, it was so precious! We've had a busy day grocery shopping and coming to the library, so they haven't gotten to play much- but we are glad to have Daddy around again! We are leaving Marathon tomorrow to head North again- John has a doctors appointment on the 5th of May and then we take LP out of the water on the 12. summer is starting to really settle in here with temps in the mid-high 80's so we are ready to get north!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Florida sweet corn is in season here... YUMMM!!! John had so much fun!

Missing Daddy

As some of you know Jeff has been gone for the past few weeks doing that 4-letter word WORK... He is in Annapolis now for the NOOD Regatta and will be flying back here Tuesday night. I've been showing John a photo of Jeff every day and John is adorable when he sees it- usually grinning and putting his head on my shoulder as if to say "I Miss Daddy". Today Jeff was on the phone and I put it so John could hear his voice, he looked around and his lower lip stuck out like he was about to cry, poor guy! Every night we read lots of books, ending with "How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?" On the first few pages of that book there are daddy's saying goodnight, and for the past few nights John has been pointing to the Daddy on each page! We will be so glad when Jeff/Daddy gets home!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Big Weigh In....

John and I went to the Health Department on Tuesday to see how much John has grown. We arrived there right around noon, and the staff was really NOT very happy to see us- they close for lunch at noon. John flashed them a cute smile and they cheered up a little, he is so charming! We put him on the scale and he is 22.25lbs and nearly 29 inches, which puts him in the 70% for weight and 75% for height. Everyone who asks me what football position can stuff it- he is a healthy strong boy!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

More Pics

Just being silly.

Driving the dingy, I am such a Daddy's Boy!

Look at my big eyes and teeth!

Playing with Mason, he is 1 month older than me.

My 'Faux Hawk' Just for you David!!! Mommy thinks I look like an Oompa Loompa.


OK, here is my first attempt at photos on Jeff's computer, cross your fingers!


Some people should not be allowed to be around people! John and I are at the Public Library in the great Childrens Room that they have here. John is napping in his stroller (snoring away) and one of the librarians just came in and was nasty to me, and loud- could she not see the baby sleeping?! I sit in here because it is quieter for John when he sleeps, and when we wakes he can be louder without offending people. Oh well.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

John's Blog

OK, Since I wasn't very good at keeping up with his blog before, I am going to start a new one and am going to work really hard to keep up with it.

We are currently in Marathon, FL which is in the Southern Keys, about 40 miles before Key West. Jeff is in Annapolis working, so John and I are hanging out and trying to keep busy while Daddy is away.
John is getting increasingly mobile by the day- cruising around on furniture, or anything he can hold on to! This morning I handed him a toy and he took it with both hands, not realizing that he was standing and not holding on anymore, that lasted about 10 seconds when he noticed and sat down slowly, giggling the whole time.
He has had 'play dates' here twice with Mason who is the 11 month old son of one of the City Marina employees. We went over to their house the other day and John walked in like he owned the place, he was not the least bit shy about playing with Mason's toys (he especially liked the car consul that made awful noise- MOM). Hopefully we'll get the boys together again before we leave!
Tomorrow my friend Chrissy is coming down from Miami for the day to meet John, we can't wait to see her! Our camera is broken but I'll have her send me some.

I'll post pictures soon, I promise! Today I forgot the chip.