Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing Outside

John has a cold, Lily is starting to get stuffy- ahh change of seasons... John spent most of yesterday afternoon in bed watching Cars 2 and resting. By around 4 he was overflowing with energy so we went outside to play. John has really been practicing his bike riding, determined to get those pesky training wheels off, we raised them up the other day but all that did was give him more clearance to do his 'tricks' (riding over the hose, pieces of wood etc.) He was riding in circles in the backyard and Lily was in the middle watching his every move.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Roundup

Halloween went on forever down here. It fell on a Monday this year so the celebrations started on Saturday with Boo Fest at John's school. We all 'dressed up' this year, John was Buzz Lightyear and Jeff, Lily and I were the 3 Little Green Aliens from Toy Story. Sadly, we didn't win the family costume prize (we were robbed!) maybe next year...

Sunday was the Lincolnville Farmers Market. We all dressed up again and John got to trick-or-treat at the market stalls. The highlight of the day was when he met another Buzz Lightyear- it was truly a face off! I like our Buzz wings better :)

Monday was Halloween and there was a class party at school. He mixed it up a little and dressed as NASA-Buzz, in his orange NASA jumpsuit with his Buzz Lightyear belt and wings. It also happened to be one of John's classmates birthday so in addition to the Halloween festivities his class had pizza and cupcakes! We are so lucky to have a very active parent group in school, I think we had the best class party there, I mean, who could compete with freeze dance to 'Thriller' and 'Monster Mash'?!?

Monday night it was time to Trick-or-Treat in the neighborhood. After dinner John got dressed up yet again and he and Jeff went out walking. Lily and I stayed home and handed out candy, she had a blast dumping out the basket of candy and playing with it. John and Jeff were gone for hours, they met up with one of John's friends Reef and his parents and the boys had a great time trick-or-Treating together!

At some point during all of the hoopla John said to us "Halloween sure does last a long time" I think he was getting a little worn out with all the activity. He ended up with a ton of candy, most of which he doesn't eat (John doesn't like most candy, lucky us!) so the 'Candy Fairy' made a visit to our house. You see, you can trade candy in and get a toy, book, game etc. John decided this sounded like a good deal (he was pretty sure he'd get another lego Buzz) so he traded. He didn't get Lego Buzz, but he did get a Solar System mobile to hang in his room. We put together all of the planets and followed the directions on how to hang them around the sun. We have yet to paint them, we are waiting for a quiet day while Lily is napping, but it is hanging in his room and we have done a lot of talking about the planets. When asked, he now says he is going to be an Astronaut when he grows up. In fact, the other day he said to me "Its about time for me to get to the Moon." I don't think I'm quite ready for that!