Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy Week

We've been busy packing up everything on our beloved Last Paradise this week. John, however, has not stopped being cute!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Story

Setting the scene::

We are sitting at the table having breakfast. As usual, NPR is on in the background. It is the annual Spring Pledge Drive and the hosts were talking about how they need extra help because they aren't affiliated with a major University and don't have a 'sugar daddy'. Jeff and I looked at each other at the use of the term 'sugar daddy' laughed and made some jokes. John, in all of his innocence, looked at Jeff and said
"YOU don't have sugar, my Daddy".....

Can he get any cuter?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Who Says?!

Who says you can't ride a bike on deck?
In your monster jammies?
And 'Setlla' slippers?

I CAN!!!


John has a new favorite treat- pudding! We normally never buy single-serving packaged things, but for passages its nice to have midnight snacks of granola bars and pudding cups. John discovered them recently and LOVES them, he tells me his favorite flavor is 'tap-ee-oh-ta!'
Darn. Thats my favorite!

The best part is the 'pudding fight' we get to have at the end! Oh, its fun to be a kid!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


March 13 was our 6th Wedding Anniversary. We were in Charleston, SC and had planned on spending the day exploring the downtown. That morning I got up and made a wonderful breakfast of french toast, bacon and fresh coffee (french press, not our usual instant!). John inhaled his breakfast, he says it is his favorite and we began getting ready to go into town. Just after putting clean clothes on John he belched, and said "Barf Bucket!" but it was too late.... What a way to start the day! After emptying his stomach John insisted he felt "so much better" so we loaded up and got in the dingy for our trek to the (overpriced) City Marina.

On our way we saw a boat that had broke loose of its mooring and was drifting out to sea with the *strong* outgoing tide. We caught up with it and attempted to deploy an anchor, but it was locked down tight and we couldn't get it loose. We kept going into the marina and were alerted that the Coast Guard had called SeaTow (they apparently only rescue people not vessels. ahem.

Well, we found the dingy dock and Jeff went to check us in and pay, its $5 just to tie the little dingy there! We managed to get them to let us fill our 3 water cans, we are a young family after all ;)

Walking around Charleston was fun. John was pretty exhausted after his rough morning so he spent most of the day in his backpack, lucky guy! We didn't quite know where to begin and we only had the morning- John still naps. So we found the street with all the shopping and just had fun window shopping in all of the boutiques. For lunch, John insisted he wanted a hamburger so we went to a place called 5 guys which I had read good reviews about in the local paper. The burgers were awesome, and the fries were better! I think John was still feeling a little off, he only ate a few bites and said he was done. At this point I was only really concerned with him drinking as much water as possible- he has 'stored food' as they say :)

One of the best parts of the day was back at the dingy dock when Jeff got the water cans out to fill. John LOVES this job and was a great helper- he even put the caps on himself! (righty tighty, they're never too young to learn that one!)

All in all, a great day. Happy Anniversary Jeffy!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

LEGO fun

One night while I was cleaning up from dinner, Jeff and John played LEGO's... I had such a good time watching them build this tower higher and higher! What a great building team!!!

Little STY Guy...

Poor little Johnny has been plagued with Sty's in one eye for the last few months. It seems that every time we get rid of one, another pops up in its place :( We've been doing a warm compress to help draw out the sty, and at first John HATED it. Actually, he still does, but he tolerates it much better when he gets to lounge on pillow's with his little TV on his lap (Thomas is playing, of course)!!