Tuesday, January 31, 2012

She's watching...

EVERYTHING!! Seriously. Every afternoon John and Lily play together. John usually runs circles around her, and she watches his.every.move. And another thing? She rarely cries. Take a toy from her, or try to take something. I dare you. She screams. Loudly. Stares right at you and screams. It's kind of hilarious actually, because she is so strong willed and determined that her whole body tenses up and you know she is seriously pissed.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Our busy boy. At 4.5 years he is really loving building, both with blocks and Lego's. The interesting thing about his building is it is usually exactly symmetrical, budding architect maybe? He hates following building directions with his Lego's, prefers to 'invent' things. Most days he tells us he is going to the moon, and we have been learning a lot about outer space lately. Every day is an adventure with this active little soul..

Miss Lily

11 months old. She loves to ham it up, and really keep us on our toes!!