Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday = Funday!

Looking over the blog, I realized there was only one picture of Last Paradise, and that was with the mast tipped to go under a bridge! Here is a photo from today- we did laundry this morning so please excuse the washing hanging to dry!

After 2 loads of laundry were done this morning we took John to the beach for some fun. Here is John on the beach looking at 'John's Boat' (circled in red) John is pretty amazing, he can pick his boat out of the crowd!

Jeff accidentally scared John by pointing out hermit crabs to him in the water- but with a little help from Daddy he was a brave boy and waded in the water. After he got over his fear we couldn't keep him OUT of the water, and he thought it was a hoot when Mommy yelped because she got bitten in the bum by a little fish!

This beach is on the inside of Pensacola, just off the Intercoastal Waterway. We were able to walk across the spit of beach to the Gulf side and go in the water there too. I didn't bring the camera (salt water and electronics don't go well together) but John had a BLAST. There was a sandbar about 15 feet off the beach that was only about waist deep on John. Small waves were breaking and rolling over the bar so the three of us played in the waves. I picked John up over the bigger ones that were breaking and he thought it was halarious when they went up in his face or up his back into his hat. We are signing John up for swimming lessons this summer- he loves water way too much!

As I write this John and Jeff are both napping. We will move to another anchorage this afternoon and then enter Mobile Bay tomorrow (after filling up with water and fuel in Orange Beach). Hurricane season officially starts tomorrow (Monday,June 1) so we'd better skedaddle!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Life with a Toddler...

On the boat....

The other day John was playing quietly down below with his toys while we were sailing. I looked down the companion way to check on him and this is what I saw-

GUILTY!! John found our secret stash of cookes- sneaky little guy!

John does a little Yoga on the bow.

Relaxing with a book.

Life on the Boat

Some people might think that because John lives on a boat he must be quite deprived of thing like toys. Does this look like deprivation to you?!

This is what would normally be the dining table, but on Last Paradise it is John's space. When he was tiny we had a pack-n-play set up in there so he'd be nice and secure, now its just for toys.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boat Boy

We made it back to the boat from New Zealand! John was happy to be 'home' and really loved exploring the boat again, and seeing all of the toys and books he had forgotten about! He loves to help out on deck, in thise pictures he is 'helping' while we are anchored (no lifejacket because we were letting him air out, its hot for the little man! I promise he wears is most of the time- when we're in a calm anchorage and one of us is near him we let him off the hook)

(John loves being naked, so I had to make this 'G' rated again)

Its been fairly rainy and yucky most days, right now we are anchored in Apalachicola, FL listening to the thunder and rain. John has his very own rain gear that finally *almost* fits him!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bedtime Play

It became sort of a ritual for John, Leo and Maea to play together before bedtime every night. John and Maea would get into their cozy jammmies and we rotated which house we played in. At our house, jumping on the bed was the most fun! They kids loved jumping from the higher bed to the mattress on the floor while singing "3 little monkeys jumping on the bed..."

Hugs from Maea

Finally all 3 in a decent picture!

John mid-jump

Go Leo Go!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Cute Picture

As the weather gets cooler the scenery gets more beautiful. John is bundled up for a trip to the park, he's just having a break to eat his pear on the bench.

Three Monkeys

We sold our car in preparation of our flight 'home' in a week, so now we are carpooling with our neighbors. It took a little force, but we managed to get all 3 carseats strapped down on the backseat of their van, and the kids love being together there! We sing songs and play "I Spy" when we're driving around town- fun times!


It rained the other day, and then it rained some more. We had washing on the line that took days to dry, and the house was damp and dank with all the moisture- but the kids had a blast!!! John SOAKED his clothes and as soon as I took them off he ran back into the puddles. Leo helped out by pouring (muddy) water over his head :) They had such fun running around, I wish we all had a little more of that childlike freedom and sense of fun. It took 5 minutes in the hot shower to clean up from an hour of bliss.

I had to make this one "G" rated :)