Saturday, January 15, 2011


We did it again! A sneak peek at PlayPen, our Searunner 34. Look for more info on

Waiting for Lily

Lilies in our garden... so beautiful!

33 weeks:

35 weeks:

Whew. It makes me tired just looking at the pictures!


Its been awfully busy here lately- sorry for the lack of new pictures for those of you who still look!
Since I last posted, Christmas and New Years have both happened, we are now half way into January and sweet Lily is due in a mere 4 weeks! John has been out of school on their summer holidays, it starts again January 31 and we can't wait- he talks about it daily and can't wait to bring his baby sister there to show her off (one of his classmates did that last term).
Without further delay, here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.

Christmas morning/day...

While Jeff and John hiked all the way up here:

I stayed home and did this:

Oh my gosh, we are surrounded by pink!!

Me and my little boy...

Christmas happens again: Presents arrive from the USA! Thank you everyone!!!

A grumpy pirate, but a happy and very silly boy...