Thursday, August 26, 2010

Johnny John

John was a little late with talking. Don't get me wrong- he was extremely vocal from an early age, he just didn't say many real words. Well, he caught up and them some! Sometimes his vocabulary blows us out of the water and I think his PopPop gets excited about sharing his love of language with him. For example, the other day he wanted to do something and wad told to ask Mommy if it was ok. He didn't miss a beat but looked straight at PopPop and said "My mudder dave me permission!" well, wouldn't most 3 year olds say "mommy said I can!" Maybe I'm just being proud of my little man, but I do think its extremly cute!

Probably the best is recently though. John has many nicknames:: Johnny-O, Johnny, John-John, Goober, Bug, JohnnyJohn etc. In fact, he'll introduce himself to strangers now as Johnny (so cute!) Well, the JohnnyJohn one has seemed to stick lately, maybe it is because Aunt Mandy is the one who most regularly calls him that and she was just here for a few days. Well, he has started calling me "MommyMom" and this morning he told me he was "coldieCold" I wonder what is next?? This boy never ceases to amaze us or make us laugh, what a joy it is to be his MommyMom!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010



Mandy came up to visit with Owen and Julian these past few days while Jed was camping in Wisconsin for Danny's bachelor party. The boys had a blast, and there were less tears and fighting than we had anticipated (based on behavior from the 4th of July)! These boys kept us all busy and are paying the price now, in fact John is napping as I type this because he could hardly keep his eyes open after 'Bubby Owen' left after lunch!

We had a lot of outside play- in between the rain showers! Swim suits are optional at the 'real house'!

Saturday we made the trek down to Petoskey to the Petoskey Festival on the Bay, which turned out to be like a fair for the kids. The children's area was quite nice, but it had rained the night before so it was really soggy! The boys did a few games but had more fun with the free stuff (smart kiddos!) We ended up at the playground that is in the same location with John and Owen splashing in the water. They both rode back to the house naked because their Mommies forgot to bring a change of clothes- lesson learned!

This is how the days ended... does life get any better?