Thursday, April 17, 2008

John's Blog

OK, Since I wasn't very good at keeping up with his blog before, I am going to start a new one and am going to work really hard to keep up with it.

We are currently in Marathon, FL which is in the Southern Keys, about 40 miles before Key West. Jeff is in Annapolis working, so John and I are hanging out and trying to keep busy while Daddy is away.
John is getting increasingly mobile by the day- cruising around on furniture, or anything he can hold on to! This morning I handed him a toy and he took it with both hands, not realizing that he was standing and not holding on anymore, that lasted about 10 seconds when he noticed and sat down slowly, giggling the whole time.
He has had 'play dates' here twice with Mason who is the 11 month old son of one of the City Marina employees. We went over to their house the other day and John walked in like he owned the place, he was not the least bit shy about playing with Mason's toys (he especially liked the car consul that made awful noise- MOM). Hopefully we'll get the boys together again before we leave!
Tomorrow my friend Chrissy is coming down from Miami for the day to meet John, we can't wait to see her! Our camera is broken but I'll have her send me some.

I'll post pictures soon, I promise! Today I forgot the chip.

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