Thursday, April 2, 2009

CHOO CHOO and Friends

Last Sunday we met some of our friends on the Foreshore in Picton. At the foreshore is a wonderful park with swings, climbing things and a wading pool (which has no water lately). On weekends they run a model train that for 20cents per person we can ride on! John has a blast watching it go around, waving and yelling 'poppop!!!' the whole time. We took a ride with a few friends, in the photos are Leo, Shackleton and Caroline. Not pictured are Kerstin and Maea (Leo's Mum and sister). What fun!!!

We also moved to a bigger flat, which is right nextdoor to Kerstin and Crispin and their kids Leo and Maea! John is having so much fun with all of their toys and bikes, oh, and them too :)

Saying goodnight to Maea through the window, cute!


Anonymous said...

It's like Romeo and Juliet! Let them be together! So cute! said...

You rock John!!!!! S sweet... can't wait to see you in May!!! Gamma Queen loves you ... so does PopPop

Janet said...

Such fun seeing some of the many things you are doing in NZ. John is such a lucky boy! Glad to here that you are in a bigger place.