Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My child is a FISH!!!

We went to the Harbor Springs Community Pool Tuesday night for John's first swimming lesson. I was really excited because John has always LOVED water, but also a little nervous that he'd get upset in the new surroundings, indoor pool, new people etc. I shouldn't have been nervous! It was so hard to even get him dressed and hold him on my lap before the lesson started! Unfortunately there is only 1 other child signed up for the class so they cancelled it, so we will be joining the next level up! Originally they wanted him to join the younger children, but after the lesson we talked to the manager and we agreed that with John's enthusiasm he might fit better in the TOT 3 class.

Before the lesson, notice the tight grip I have on him- and direction his eyes are looking?!

We are in the water!!!


On his back with the instructor, he was so comfortable in the water that she used him to demonstrate!

Leaving, my little Water Baby :)

John's own fan club, Daddy and Tashi (TaaTeee!) were there taking pictures, so we got some good ones for sure!


Janet said...

John certainly LOVES water! In the albums in FL there is a picture of Jeff in my arms at his first swimming lesson. We'll need to put them side-by-side. Glad to hear that he makes a good model for the others to watch. Swim John, swim just like a little fish!

Anonymous said...

How cute! When I see some naked child running through the streets of Harbor Springs I'll know just who it is!