Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh, Friends...

Over the past few weeks, we have been in Fort Myers Beach tying up a few loose ends (more on that later) We made some new friends about a month ago, at the park! Since then they have become near and dear to our heart. We've even been able to have the boat behind their house which has been a real help! John has had them over to his 'big boat' to play a few times. This has been a real learning experience for John, to say the least! He's learning to share!

John and Aeden fishing- or fighting over the fishing rod...

Myra and John 'cheese!'

John and 'Daddy Aaron' playing trains at Kelton's house- so much fun!

Myra and Aeden are twins who are about 8 months older than John. Kelton is another buddy who just turned 3, it was at his birthday party that we were absorbed by this wonderful group of friends!

Somehow I am often without the camera, but I promise I'll get some pics of the whole group together at some point before we leave!

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Janet said...

It's so very nice that the three of you make friends so easily. It was good meeting them too! We're happy to see that you had a good land location with friends these past few weeks and it has been wonderful getting to spend time with you!