Saturday, July 16, 2011

Food, Glorious Food

Over the last few weeks Lily has started showing a keen interest in food. I've been trying to hold her off, but the other night at dinner when she literally grabbed pasta from my plate we decided it was time.

After some research we decided sweet potatoes would be a good first food. Jeff picked some up and we mixed it with a bit of mama-milk to thin it and make the flavor a bit more familiar. We got Lily all strapped into her cool seat and put a bib on. She was loving all of the attention and flashed some smiles at us.

She was pretty unsure at first...

But we kept trying and at the and she seemed pretty happy!


Alexis said...

Oh my goodness, I love the pictures. My favorites are the three from the swing and the one right after you fed Lily the food. Congrats Lily on your first solid foods!

Janet said...

Such a cutie, she is picture perfect!
Yum, Yum