Sunday, August 28, 2011

A photo catch up

We've been busy lately! Sorry for the lack of photos but moving into a new house with 2 small children is a big task... We are settling into our new house and I promise to write more about that soon. Until then here is a sneak peek into the kids rooms::

John's closet door, cool huh?

John's shelf, one of the 4 bookshelves that his Great Grandfather made.

Lily's dresser and shelves. These used to be mine, as did all of the Beatrix Potter figurines (and a few others) that now live in Lily's space.

Lily's chair, can you believe this beauty was on the side of the road?! Jeff just had to glue it up a bit and we washed the fabric cushions, its perfect for those late night feeds :)

Now onto the important stuff... Kiddos!
At 6 months old, Lily is loving food! She sits well and rolls all over the floor to get to what she wants. She is a persistent little soul, focused on the goal in front of her (usually a piece of carpet lint or something else she shouldn't have). She has been a pure joy to be around, especially since her moods have improved with her sleep!

Sweet John. What can I say? He is 4. He is obsessed with Buzz Lightyear and is a whiz on the computer. These days he is a sponge and asks questions that seemingly come out of nowhere, who knew he was actually listening to NPR in the backseat of the car? He starts preschool tomorrow, our little boy is growing up...

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Janet said...

John, we love your closet door! It warms my heart to see the bookcase Great Grandpa Zimmerman made in your room. Lily, will enjoy the collection as she gets older. Roadside finds are often the best, we found a rocker/chair in Lombard when Jeff was born that we kept in the family room. When Jeff was about 6 he told me he had a bigger memory chip than I did when I was having a hard time remembering something. Computers are wonderful devices, maybe Skype is in John's future.