Thursday, November 10, 2011

Playing Outside

John has a cold, Lily is starting to get stuffy- ahh change of seasons... John spent most of yesterday afternoon in bed watching Cars 2 and resting. By around 4 he was overflowing with energy so we went outside to play. John has really been practicing his bike riding, determined to get those pesky training wheels off, we raised them up the other day but all that did was give him more clearance to do his 'tricks' (riding over the hose, pieces of wood etc.) He was riding in circles in the backyard and Lily was in the middle watching his every move.


Anonymous said...

love seeing your kids grow up.
they are gorgeous!

Janet said...

Our visit with Jeff, Abby, John & Lily was GRAND! I certainly liked visiting John's school. The pool time that John spent with us was lots of fun. Both John & Lily are able to do so many more things than when we last saw them. FUN, FUN, FUN
Love, Grandma & Grandpa