Tuesday, December 20, 2011

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas.....

Christmas is creeping up on us here in sunny Florida. Preparations are in full swing but it is difficult to truly get into the spirit when its in the 70's every day (not that I'm complaining!)

We originally wanted to get a real tree- one that we could plant after Christmas, but we found such an amazing deal on a 6.5' fake one that we couldn't pass it up. Besides, our yard is pretty full as it is! It was pretty special to decorate it. TQ and PopPop sent up a box of ornaments that were mine as a child, and Grandma and Grandpa also sent a box of pretty holiday things. I had such fun explaining all of the ornaments to John, including the egg shell that I remember making in first grade with Mr. Ramsey- Alexis' Dad. Oh, the memories.

John and I had planned on having a few of his friends over to decorate gingerbread men over the weekend, but instead John ended up at the Doctor on Friday after school and on breathing treatments after that... Oh well. Fingers crossed that we are all feeling better for Christmas!

Lily looks on as John learns how to use the nebulizer.

Poor baby.

To wrap it up... here are a couple fun pictures!

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Janet said...

Get well sweet John! Your tree looks very festive for the season. We so enjoy seeing new pictures. The ocean in the background certainly relates to your love of the ocean/sailing! Lily in either happy or upset BUT cute in either situation!
See you soon, after Santa visits all of you. Love & hugs