Friday, October 10, 2008

Great Grandma

Last Friday night John and I flew to Rhode Island, where Jeff had been working over the last week. The main reason that I made the decision to fly (2 flights, with John on my lap- alone) was to see my Grandmother, John's Great Grandma who lives in Seekonk, Mass. which is right near Providence, RI.
The last time I saw Gram was in 2004 for her 90th birthday bash- thats right, she is nearly 94 and a remarkable woman! She mentioned to me that she just joined a new health club and plans to start working out three times a week!! We should all be a little more like her! It was great to catch up with her and other family members, but it was so special for John to have this opportunity. He had many cuddles to give Great Grandma, and he LOVED playing cards with her- what fun!


Janet said...

Great Grandma--YOU GO GIRL!!!!
It's wonderful that you got together with your relatives. Jeff had his Great Grandma Karasek in his life when he was John's age.

Dan said...

Another card shark. He's got the blood.