Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Today is a historic day. Today I am proud. Proud of my country. Proud of my family. Proud for the millions of voters who came together and voted for a change. No matter your politics- Republican, Democrat, Independent, this was a monumental day in the history of America. Now is a time to move forward and come together in a new direction to create a better future for our children and the World. Thank you America!


Janet said...

Looks like the whole family took part in the GET OUT the VOTE campaign!
THREE CHEERS FOR OBAMA, let us all keep the Obama family in our prayers.

Janet said...

YES, here it is Nov.2012! The Goff Family did their part in helping make our DREAM come true! Thanks to all the others that helped re-elect President Obama to a second four year term. CELEBRATE and move FORWARD!