Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another round of CatchUp

Things have been so busy since John and I flew back to Florida, I really have not had a chance to update at all! I'll try to do a better job, but I can't promise anything because tomorrow we are moving back onto the boat! Friday is the low tide that we need to get under the low bridge (see previous post) and that means we have to get a move on! We are really excited about being in our OWN space again- its been a wonderful few months with family and friends, but there really is no place like home.

Here are a few photos to catch you all up on John's busy life.

John had a great time eating Gamma's spaghetti, and then Maddie had a great time chasing him around trying to lick it off- John didn't seem to mind!

Admiring the Christmas tree...

Yes... He is lounging in a magazine rack.


Lorren said...

John looks like the kind of boy that could have a whole series of children's books written about him. You should definitely think about it, Abs. He lives the kind of life most little boys just read about. And that picture of the dog licking his stomach- you couldn't have staged a better photo- it's priceless! I love following your blog!

Jess said...

Congratulations on moving back onto Last Paradise! Hope the weather gets better for you!!

PS: thanks as well for the book nod, I'm trying to get it for Christmas. Hopefully we'll be on our merry way down the Mississippi very soon and we can see you in person!

Janet said...

Both Maddie and John appear to be very happy after the meal was served & clean up too! Yes,John found his own little corner of the room, the magazine rack, to seriously read a few pages-so cute! Lorren has a wonderful idea about being an author, Abby.