Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Back to the Boat

Last week we made the move back onto the boat after being landlubbers since John was 11 months old. When we left John had just taken his first few steps, and now he is running full speed ahead! The transition went smoother than I thought possible, the first day he refused to nap until about 4PM, and then we only let him sleep about 45 minutes because we didn't want bedtime ruined. Since then, every nap and night sleep have been pretty much on schedule! He LOVES the dingy still, but now gets angry if Jeff or I touch the tiller, he wants to drive- except he doesn't really understand the concept of looking forward and steering! Jeff has been dong a lot of projects on deck as well, and John, being the 'mini-me' that he is with Daddy, he puts on his life jacket and follows Jeff around the deck helping him with projects! We have the netting to put around the lifelines but haven't put it up yet, and miraculously John hasn't fallen in yet! Today I did catch him climbing the stern pulpit- he was trying to get into the dingy! Overall, this transition has been great- its so nice to have our own space again, and we are getting into our routine fairly well. We haven't sailed yet- that could mix everything up again. The plan is to sail for Key West Saturday if the weather cooperates and spend Christmas there with friends and other cruisers, we'll keep you posted!

Boat Boy!!!

Helping Daddy

Mr. Cute- what is a day without a bathing suit on your head! We actually keep this one around just for a hat- its the favorite!!

Cozy Bed

Showing off his Cozy Bed (the best part is his OWN lightswitch-which he is kindly showing off- its actually the only one on the whole boat!)


Janet said...

He's got sailing in his blood and since he's all boy, tools plus helping Daddy comes naturally! Oh boy, a light switch, he's a master at those. Thanks for spending the day with us at Fort Myers Beach, John is such a JOY to be around!(Abby & Jeff too!)
Love & Hugs, Grandma & Grandpa

Jess said...

Hey! Congratulations on setting sail! We can't wait to meet up with you!
See you soon!