Saturday, February 7, 2009

Public Beach/ Park

We've created a fairly steady routine in the week we've been holed up here in Grand Cayman. Every day we get up and play on the boat all morning. John napps at noon, usually for 2 hours (sometimes more if we're lucky!) and after nap we get organized and go in the dingy ashore and over to the public beach/ playground. Its been too windy and cool to go swimming, but John has hardly noticed with the playground right there, and there have been all sorts of children to play with every day!
The playground is pretty simple, caribbean style, but John loves it! Yesterday he even met a little girl, Daniella, who is his size (although a few months older) and she could keep up with him! I think the best part is the sand, when (not IF) John falls down it is still so soft!

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Janet said...

It's nice to see that you go ashore and Abby you are so good at making certain that John has little ones to mingle with. Both the boys are so very lucky to have you as Mommy and Wife!