Saturday, February 7, 2009


Tuesday, before the wind picked up it was HOT. We got up in the morning and it was muggy, hot and still- not a lick of breeze. So what did we do? We put the big motor on the dingy, got into our swimswits and blasted off to Stingray City!
I didn't take the camera because of the salt water, but check the link and see some of what we did! John got to pet a ray, and even give her kisses! We happened to arrive while a small group was there with some guides and they welcomed us in, I think it was all John!
John did pretty well, he was a little nervous at first, sat on Jeff's shoulders. But after awhile he got into my arms arms and I held him in the water. He had his lifejacket on the whole time (Uncle D!!) What a neat experience, next time we'll have to take photos!!

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Janet said...

Such a brave little boy and what an experience.