Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday = Funday!

Looking over the blog, I realized there was only one picture of Last Paradise, and that was with the mast tipped to go under a bridge! Here is a photo from today- we did laundry this morning so please excuse the washing hanging to dry!

After 2 loads of laundry were done this morning we took John to the beach for some fun. Here is John on the beach looking at 'John's Boat' (circled in red) John is pretty amazing, he can pick his boat out of the crowd!

Jeff accidentally scared John by pointing out hermit crabs to him in the water- but with a little help from Daddy he was a brave boy and waded in the water. After he got over his fear we couldn't keep him OUT of the water, and he thought it was a hoot when Mommy yelped because she got bitten in the bum by a little fish!

This beach is on the inside of Pensacola, just off the Intercoastal Waterway. We were able to walk across the spit of beach to the Gulf side and go in the water there too. I didn't bring the camera (salt water and electronics don't go well together) but John had a BLAST. There was a sandbar about 15 feet off the beach that was only about waist deep on John. Small waves were breaking and rolling over the bar so the three of us played in the waves. I picked John up over the bigger ones that were breaking and he thought it was halarious when they went up in his face or up his back into his hat. We are signing John up for swimming lessons this summer- he loves water way too much!

As I write this John and Jeff are both napping. We will move to another anchorage this afternoon and then enter Mobile Bay tomorrow (after filling up with water and fuel in Orange Beach). Hurricane season officially starts tomorrow (Monday,June 1) so we'd better skedaddle!

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Janet said...

Thank you for the great pictures and the story behind them, such an adventure! It appears that you must have had the beach and sandbar to yourselves, so peaceful.