Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Boat Boy

We made it back to the boat from New Zealand! John was happy to be 'home' and really loved exploring the boat again, and seeing all of the toys and books he had forgotten about! He loves to help out on deck, in thise pictures he is 'helping' while we are anchored (no lifejacket because we were letting him air out, its hot for the little man! I promise he wears is most of the time- when we're in a calm anchorage and one of us is near him we let him off the hook)

(John loves being naked, so I had to make this 'G' rated again)

Its been fairly rainy and yucky most days, right now we are anchored in Apalachicola, FL listening to the thunder and rain. John has his very own rain gear that finally *almost* fits him!


Danny said...
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Janet said...

Such a little sailor and helper. The bucket baby looks like a Geddes photograph where they pop out of flowers. Hugs are nice wearing rain gear or not. Certainly hope the rain and storms settle down so you can continue north very soon. Love, Grandma