Wednesday, October 7, 2009


John has a new habit



Hair twirling.
Its constant.
If you pull one hand away the other is immediately on top of his head to keep twirling.
Sometimes he says 'tirl mama's hair'.
Its adorable, really.
So adorable that I had to cut a knot off the top of his head the other day.
I mean, its adorable.


Danny said...

Um, kind of like that dumb blond that twirls her hair and says "I dunnna" Adorable? Then yes. I guess?
Just put a hat on the poor kid, or he'll have hair left. Just knots of hippie dreads.

Lorren said...

My dad and I were just sitting here looking at these photos of John together and talking about how absolutely adorable he is! Great pictures!

Kristen Scott said...

OMgosh! HOW cute!!

Janet said...

Lots of us have habits let's just hope he grows out of this one! He sure is a cute grandson.