Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A visit...

TQ and PopPop got 'permission' a few weekends ago to bring Owen up to the 'real house' with them. So Friday night they drove to Rockford and stayed over night with Jed, Mandy, Owen and Julian. Saturday morning they got up early and made it here at (well, right in the middle of) nap time.
John and Owen had a fabulous weekend together, and truth be told, when Owen was told on Sunday evening that he'd have to go home the next morning he said (and I quote) "No! But I don't wanna go back there! I want to stay at the real house!!!" There were some people (ahem, his parents?) who thought he'd have a hard time being away from home for 2 nights. I get that totally, John has never spent a night away from me and he's past 2, I'm not sure if I would do as well as Mandy and Jed did!!!But Owen was the star, not only did he sleep well and night but he took gasp a NAP!!

We went to Pond Hill Farm and the boys got to play in the tractor!

They painted pumpkins

They played at the beach...

With these two special people watching nearby!

They read books with PopPop

And, they watched "Bee Movie"- which has become the house favorite since then, with both John and Owen imitating parts of the movie!

It was a busy, but amazingly fun weekend with 'Bubby Owen' !!



Danny said...

Totally awesome!
Johns turn next to go visit to give you a 'weekend off'! ;-)
And also, just how many times did you watch B- Movie?

Janet said...

What a joy it is to see the boys together enjoying so many activities.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't only the boys quoting the movie!! thistimethistimethistimethistime!!! OH... that is diabolical!!! Thinking Bee!!! Love my boys, Bina Deen/Gramma Queen