Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Christmas with John this year was amazing. It was so fun to see the excitement and joy on his face now that he sort of 'gets' it!

The tree. Notice all of the ornaments are missing from the bottom- we had to move them because John was way too interested!

Hanging out in his new 'Cars' tent.

Gift Time!!!

By the end, John was a pro at opening presents :)

Taking a break to read a book with Mommy. John didn't really understand the whole open all of the presents and then play concept, he wanted to play immediately following each one!

Oh Lego's!!!

Playing 'Magformers' (complete with sound effects, see the tongue?!)

'Magformers' are the BEST toy. I'm not sure who is having more fun, John or the adults! He loves it when Mommy builds a tower and he gets to knock it down... I'd recommend them to everyone with a curious child, the instructions say ages 6+ but at 2.5 John does great with them. Unfortunately we can't take them on the boat because the magnets will mess with the compass, which is very important :(


Kristen Scott said...

omgosh... so darn cute! He is just getting so big! we are so excited to see you guys! Love the bow on the head:)

Janet said...

We are so lucky to have Jeff, Abby, and John with us! John was happy with everything he opened. He often said something like "this is the best or I really like this" once or twice he was speaking about the plain brown box the gift was in. So much FUN!