Friday, December 25, 2009


We are in Venice, Florida at Grandma and Grandpa Goff's house for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Santa came by boat (!!) to the clubhouse for a little celebration. All the children (about 15 grandchildren of residents here) gathered at the top of the steps and then followed Santa and Mrs. Claus into the clubhouse to sit on Santa's lap and get a little goody bag. I was a little worried about what John's reaction to a 'real' Santa might be, especially because he didn't nap at all and was a bit cranky by 6:30PM. I shouldn't have worried. John was waiting at the top of the dock steps for Santa, grinning and jumping up and down excitedly. He then hurried and followed Santa into the clubhouse, never more than a few feet behind. At one point, Santa stopped and John took the opportunity to hug his knees, almost knocking him over! Santa picked John up and gave him a big hug (darn it, just at that moment my camera card was full!!!). Then, he got chosen to be the FIRST child to sit on Santa's lap. I asked John what he asked Santa to bring him for Christmas, and he answered "pissmass presents mamma!"

Santa arriving on the boat

Putting out our 'reindeer food' (oatmeal with glitter in it- the glitter reflects in the moonlight/Rudolph's nose and attracts it, from the library story time in the Keys- cool idea huh?!)


Danny said...

MMM!! Glittery Oats!!!!!

Janet said...

Such a joy to have them with us this Christmas! John's excitement brings back so many memories of Jeff at John's age. Fun was had by all!!