Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cloth Diapers- DIY Style

For awhile I've been wanting to try Lily in cloth diapers, actually since before she was born. But due to all the moving around we were doing it just didn't work. I have, however, had the chance to do a lot of research! We already had some g-diaper outer pants and Conor and Shannon gave us a FuzziBunz AI2 diaper. Also, a friend gave us a whole stack of flat-fold-diapers (basically a huge cloth that you fold to fit what you need). In my research I found tutorials for making your own inserts that will work both in the g-pants and the FuzziBunz. The real bonus was I already had all of the materials, so the out of pocket cost is NIL.

I used fleece and a swaddle blanket. Cut both to fit into the g-diaper insert- aprox. 5"X16". Cut 3 layers of the fleece and 1 layer of the flannel blanket.

(John took the photo of me sewing, pretty good huh?)

Once all 4 layers were sewed together (rounded the corners to fit a bit more snug) I put the insert right into the snap-in-liner and popped the diaper right onto Lily!

Doesn't she look adorable with her little g-bum?

It needs a bit of tweaking, but I think we're getting there!


Anonymous said...

My oh my, such a cute bum!

Anonymous said...

What a creative mom! You are a wonder. Of course they look cute too!! NAN Roesing

The 'Smarty Pants' Family said...

great idea!