Monday, October 24, 2011


Lily at 8 months...

My darling Lily,

Today you are 8 months old and I don't know where the time has gone! You are growing up so fast. Lily, you have 2 teeth now and I'm sure more are on the way soon. You chew on EVERYTHING and drool constantly. Today you decided to start crawling- such a milestone for the 8 month mark! We vacuumed the carpet today because you are determined to pick up (and eat) even the tiniest thing you can pick up.
You are an independent little soul, Lily. Quick to show your temper when things aren't just the way you want them. You are a flirt, oh so social. When we are out and about and there is nobody but me to talk to you sometimes get a little grumpy, but as soon as there is someone new to talk to you are all smiles and dimples... Oh dimples. You have 2, but they are both in the same cheek! Someday I will capture a photo of them.
Lily, you are so special. I love the way your face lights up when you see your Daddy. I love the way John makes you laugh, a full genuine belly laugh. I love the way you need me, the way you calm down in my arms when you are sad or scared. I love the way you clap your hands. I love the way you cross a room just to get at a tiny piece of paper. I love your wispy hair that seems to grow while you sleep. I love the way you pose for the camera and crinkle your nose when you smile. I love your giggles when I change your diaper and tickle your tummy. I love, You.

Love, Mommy.

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Janet said...

So cute! I knew this was the date and hoped that there would be a few pictures. THANK YOU-The summary that you composed tells it all.