Thursday, June 21, 2012


Some days are packed full. So full that John can't even remember events from that morning at bedtime. Those days, I try to lay with him and talk about our day, help him to remember all the fun (and sometimes not so fun) things we do. We have started calling this "high/low" where we each share something that was great from the day, and something that might need some more work. Today was one of those days. This morning we all slept in late, followed by a quiet morning of cuddles, playing and breakfast. John, Lily and I went down to the library in Petoskey for our first story time of the season, and to 2 markets to try to hunt down more of the staple ingredients for Miss Lily. Back at TRH we played some more, John "watched something" in BinTeens bed (he fell asleep in the car on the way home) and we played outside. Lily took a late afternoon nap after sleeping in the car so I wanted to get the kids outside again after dinner. We took this opportunity to try out the new bike he received from Grandma and Grandpa Goff for his birthday... it. was. awesome.  Love at first pedal!! Lily had a blast chasing him down the driveway and watching him breeze past while she and I cheered. At bedtime, John and I did high/low and his high was "riding around on my new bike!!" A great evening day, indeed. 
gorgeous girl (with a runny nose)

so proud


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Love the high/low idea...the conversations have to be amazing at times!