Sunday, August 10, 2008

More J & O

It is so much fun to watch John and Owen play together!!!
Typical John and Owen....

NOT typical!!!

Jeff helping Owen learn to pedal the tricycle

He did it!!! (at least for a few feet!!)

A bath, complete with toys and shampoo mohawks.... perfect way to end the day!


Jed said...

We love that they are spending so much time together! Thanks for these great photos!!


Janet said...

Tug of war, happy faces, and fancy hair styles to boot make these cousins so sweet to watch!

David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

I love the way John is looking at Owen in the last picture. The mohawks are so stylin!

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you, my day is not complete without a shampoo mohawk!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what great photos of the cousins playing together! (I'm going to make a shampoo mohawk in about 5 minutes - sure looks like fun!)

Susan Sene said...

Hey Abby! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. We're very excited about our lil Peanut. :) You've got a cute lil guy...I've read your blog a few times via Jo's blog as well. Have a great week!