Sunday, August 17, 2008

Road Trip!!!

Jeff, John and I took a little Goff Family Road trip this last week. We left GP last Wednesday and headed South, staying in Cincinnati overnight. For some reason we never even took out the camera at Conor and Shannons house- oops. We met Katie Kruithof for breakfast at IHOP and she finally got to meet John- Brent couldn't come because he was working :(
From Cincy we got back on 75 and drove to Chattanooga. We had heard good things about the aquarium there and though that John was probably old enough to appreciate it now. We arrived at our hotel around 5 and got all checked in before heading out to downtown for dinner. Chattanooga is a great walking city, right along the river. From our hotel we were able to board the FREE electric tram that took us straight into downtown! We took a walk around the water and John pointed at all the boats he saw, as well as played with a few other kids in the grass. We had dinner at a chain brewery- John flirted with all the waitresses (typical John form) and was a champ at eating out. We all fell asleep early and slept in past 8- I guess we were tired!!!
In the morning, we walked to the hotel restaurant for breakfast and then hit the pool for a few minutes- John is becoming quite the swimmer- as soon as he sees the pool he wants to be IN it, we barely even have time to get our shoes off!

The aquarium was awesome- I wish we got more photos but the lighting was not great inside! John stayed awake much past his regular nap time and didn't even really fuss when we were still inside at lunchtime (I did have some snacks for him to munch on). I think the highlight of his day was playing in MORE water! Outside of the aquarium they have a sort of mini-river with waterfalls and rocks, and kids are allowed to cool off and play! There were 2 other kids playing too and John had a blast.

From Chattanooga we drove on to Atlanta to see the Turners- but I'll blog about that later.....


Lorren said...

Yeah, a blog update! I love keeping up with the exciting adventures of Captain John! I can't wait to read about his time with the Turner twins!

Anonymous said...

Boy do I miss that John!! Cute photos! Love, Mom

Janet said...

The photos are GREAT! It is so nice hearing about and seeing some of the things that the three of you are doing. Give John hugs and kisses; I look forward to the blog updates!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are PRECIOUS!
Love the one of him looking into the tank of fish. Perhaps wishing to be swimming around with them? :-)