Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Turner Twins

For the past few days John and I have been visiting with my favorite Cousin Joelle, her rockin' hubby Dave and her gorgeous twin girls Lyla and Pressley. I have a zillion pictures to share, but I will start with the swimming fun we had on Sunday.

Proud Daddy and his Girlies!

John checking out who is in his float

Bubbles John!!!

Lyla floating on her back- check out that hair!!!

Pressley LOVED the float, she was just chillin'....


David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

Oh my GOODNESS! What beautiful little ladies!! And that man, woo wee! He really is rockin and HOTT!

Love the bubbles picture of John! Love you!! SOOOOOO GLAD you're here with me for a week!!

Lorren said...

I wish I was there!! Looks like so much fun! And it's so hot in our house right now I considered jumping in the car and driving to Atlanta to get in that pool with you all! Pressley is so funny chillin' in the float! John is as adorable as ever!! Can't wait til I can see him in person!