Saturday, September 13, 2008

John's head is bigger than.......

HIS WAIST!!!!!!!!

Seriously people- here is a picture of a pair of jeans on Johns booty, notice how low they sit? We are constantly pulling them up on his nonexistant hips, I am currently looking for suspenders for him!

Now here are those same jeans on his head- the elastic is even being pulled a bit!

Poor little big headed boy- everyone says he'll grow into it, we'll see! I think it adds character :)


Anonymous said...

Your father has no hips.... I see genetics in play here!!!
Love the big head kid!!! Gamma Queen

Dan said...

big head and all, he's definitely a cutie!

Janet said...

Certainly looks as if he enjoys the boat and he's so cute in his PJ's. I think that the no hips thing was the reason Jeff wore overalls.