Thursday, September 11, 2008


I sit here, back in Cross Village after a busy few weeks... John is napping upstairs and Jeff went to the 'egg guy' to get some garden veggies and well, eggs! I'm going to try to catch up as much as I can!
We left off in Atlanta with the Turners. John and I had a fun filled week with them- I think Joey learned a lot about toddlers!!!!! John kept us all on our toes, but I managed to keep him pretty busy with pool time (he blows bubbles now!) and a lot of fun with the little girlies. He was such a good helper with them, even held their bottles (ok, so maybe he was really just trying to get the formula all for himself!)

Lyla and John had a great fun connection- a bit like a rockstar infatuation actually! I think Joelle has some good photos from our time there on her blog.

While we were visiting, John made a new best friend.... Tucker! John and Tucker are perfect playmates- always getting into mischief! John gave Tucker many of the baby toys that T had never even looked at- sorry Joelle!! They especially had a good time playing tug-o-war with anything.... here is John's brand new swim noodle! The cutest was seeing Tucker looking for John in the evening after he was in bed- poor T goes to bed later than John and wanted a playmate!

On Saturday after we'd been there a week, the Turners were leaving on a family vacation in Tennessee with the whole Kruithof Clan. It wasn't completely on my way, but it wasn't too far out either, so John and I drove in tandem with them to the lakehouse. It ended up breaking up my days driving pretty well, and it gave us a chance to see more family! It was so good to finally meet Savannah, and for them to meet John too! After we arrived all of the men went to the beer store (gotta love Tenn. and the many different stores) but they left poor John behind with all of the girls- and girls being girls- we did his hair! As soon as the guys got back they took the bow out- poor John!

I didn't get many pictures because my camera battery was dying- but it was a fun night!


Janet said...

I don't think that we ever put a bow in Jeff's hair. John is as cute as ever. It was nice that you were able to rest from your driving plus get to see your relatives.

Lorren said...

Yea for the new posts! I've been wondering what you have been up to! It was great getting to see you, Abs and to finally meet John (what a cutie!). We love you guys and hope we get to see you again sometime soon!