Friday, September 12, 2008

Whew part II

John and I kept on driving north, stopping at Conor and Shannon's house in Cincinnati for the night. John felt a little warm at bedtime, but I didn't think too much of it. By 5AM he had fever of almost 103, poor little guy! I had the Tylenol with me, so every 4 hours or so I gave him more to keep his fever at bay. We drove back to Detroit that morning, stopping at a Panera for lunch. I managed to get him to eat a little fruit and drink a whole cup of milk, but thats it. Other than those few minutes at lunch, poor sick John slept the entire way home!
Boy was he happy to get out of the car when we got to TQ and Pop's house!!! By then his fever was down, but not gone, so I called Mandy and Jed to let them know because I didn't want Owen getting sick. We all know that kids catch stuff- and it is a good thing for their immune systems, so Mandy said not to worry, and they'd come over for dinner! Hooray for cousin playtime!!!
I think John totally forgot that he was sick as soon as Owen got there, those 2 are really getting good at playing together, and Owen even says "John" now!!
In these pictures, They were watching some cool thing on TV, totally engrossed (thats about as much attention John EVER pays to TV!) and in the second one- Barney came on and they got bored- and into mischief behind the bed! I see trouble in our future- especially when you add Ari and Parker into the mix!!

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Janet said...

Have baby will travel! I'm so glad to see that you are always on the move and that John is such a good little traveler. Love to see J&O together even if there is mischief afoot.