Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chaos Explained

In the previous post I mentioned CHAOS, so I thought I'd explain. Over the 4th weekend we had 11 adults, 4 children (age 3 and under) and 4 dogs. OY.

We managed to fit a lot into a few days~

A trip to Pond Hill
Piggies! (I heard the babies were born since we were there, we'll have to go back!)

Rides on the tire in the barn

Popcorn with "Bubby" Owen

Squash Rocket! Yes, you pay money to 'launch' rotting produce into the fields to feed the animals- the boys were trying to hit the poor sheep.

A little fire-play (great for 2-year-olds!)

We rode with PopPop in the Cross Village Parade on July 5th. The car is PopPops 1953 Morgan, cool huh?

The people who couldn't fit in the Morgan sat in the trunk of Binda's car and watched the parade.

John got to sit in the brand new fire truck!

We went to Leggs Inn for dinner and Unca D and Unca Jed played hockey

By the end of the week, this was the place John and Owen wanted to be- in bed watching Thomas movies with Binda Queen

Oh yeah, and I turned 30 this week- WHEW!


Janet said...

Thirty is a wonderful age enjoy every moment! It looks like FUN was had by all over the 4th. I'm glad that you do SOOOOOO many things with John and the entire family.:)

Danny said...

John John's face says it all! He loved every second!!!