Thursday, July 16, 2009


My mom will tell you that growing up, if we did something more than once, it became a 'tradition' in my mind. What can I say, I like routine I guess! Well, since John has swimming every Tuesday night, we have started a little 'tradition' of going to the local ice cream parlor "YUMMIES" afterwards. We've done it twice. Its a tradition!

This week at swimming John did amazingly well. Unfortunately his teacher Megan (who he calls 'mama teacher') was rear-ended on her way to class. She is reportedly ok, but was unable to make class. We decided to take the pool time anyways and just work on some of the skills we've learned so far. John's life jacket was in the car so we decided it was a good time for him to practice being in the water with it on too!

You see the barbell under John's armpits? Well, he got so good with it that I could stand in front of him, not touching him at all, and he'd swim to me! I'm telling ya- the boy is a natural. Another achievement is being able to go under water (uh-nooo ah-tehr! in John-speak), sometimes he even remembers to close his mouth so he doesn't swallow too much chlorine water!

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Janet said...

Traditions are wonderful! We had a few with Jeff too. You do a good job letting John just charge forth but as you know, I get frightened for him at times so I just stand back. I seem to remember being bolder with Jeff, the tree climber and little sailor.