Wednesday, November 17, 2010


John is OBSESSED with CARS the movie. Last Christmas Grandma and Grandpa Goff bought him a CARS tent and 2 of the little toys. We hadn't seen the movie yet, but he thought they were pretty cool anyways. Well, fast forward to today. He's watched the movie no less than 100 times- sometimes he tries to sneak in a second time in a day! The cars go with us everywhere. At dinner he tells us stories of the movie plot, about the different characters (for example, Chick Hicks is a bully- good learning opportunity there!)
Lately he has also been using another (AMAZING) Christmas present from G&G- the MagFormers. Seriously, best toy ever. Building roads is a pretty fun pastime when Mommy says 'NO' to watching the movie again!


Windtraveler said...

So funny! My best friend's little guy is also OBSESSED with Cars...he has Cars EVERYTHING, toys, pj's, slippers...etc. Funny!

Janet said...

Future engineer-here he comes! Race car driver, time will tell!