Sunday, November 7, 2010


John on his first day of kindy (preschool). He goes 3 days per week for 2 hours, so far he is loving it, though by Thursday he is so exhausted he can hardly see straight. When I picked him up last Thursday he burst into tears, for no apparent reason- poor little guy!

View from the back, all ready to go! (PS: buttons on the back are- I *heart* NZ, a weinermobile, redwings, ups store, and a sunflower, we're trying to represent!!!)

Jeff's first day of work

And last, but not least... The first 'decent' picture John has taken of me! Actually, he told me he was taking it of Lily, such a cute big brother :)

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Janet said...

Such fine family pictures! John is so handsome in his school attire. Everyone looks so wonderfully happy! John took a very good picture of Mommy and Lily-"GOOD JOB JOHN"