Sunday, November 14, 2010


Not too bad for a garage sale! We found these 2 pieces for about $50 (plus she threw in a few other things). Its really a shame we didn't buy the bed we looked at last week, it would have made a perfect retro set!
The part I didn't count on was scrubbing off the grime left by smoke and dirty fingers, worst part of the job was finding a piece of a fingernail in one of the drawers- EEWWWW!!! After about 2 hours they're all nice and shiny, and our clothes are off the floor and put away, yay!

*BONUS* this one is just about right for a changing table!


riverdump said...

Love seeing you on this thing. Here is Algonac and just out off work from the PAC, I found you again, here.

Miss all of you

Janet said...

All your hard work paid off, they look as good as new!