Friday, March 13, 2009

Big Boy Bed!

As many of you know, John has never really slept in a crib- it really just didn't work with our lifestyle! We travelled with a pack-n-play for awhile, but he began to hate it and screamed whenever he saw it. I decided it wasn't worth the pain and started him sleeping on the floor in a 'nest' the way my Mom did with us when we were little. John slept great in the nest so why mess with it? I figured thats what we would do here in New Zealand, even without the body pillow and other cushy things. Well, it seems that every place we stay has bunk beds, and John has been sleeping on the bottom bunk without a problem! He fell out of bed a few times in the beginning but we put the mattress from the top bunk on the floor as padding and he hasn't fallen out since! It has worked out really well too for naptime, I can do his books and give kisses and then shut him in the room and he can play and read books until he's ready for sleep, he always manages to get into bed (so far!). Our little guy is growing up!

I wrote this post the other day, and today John proved it wrong by falling asleep before making it into bed!


Janet said...

What a BIG boy! Good idea, top mattress on the floor. It looks as if John is as flexible as his parents, can sleep anywhere.

Lorren said...

I love the last picture! What a cutie patootie!

Danny said...

Hey, the 80's called, they want their Carpeting back. :)