Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Ones

Thursday at Playcentre John was OBSESSED with the water. I have a lot more photos, but I like this one the best. Picture him IN the pool, that's how we ended the day! Its a good thing I always bring him a few changes of clothes, we learned the first week.

On Sunday we drove into Blenheim for the farmers market and then stopped to get Jeff some new shoes. Unfortunately his brand new KEEN's have fallen apart, we'll see what KEEN has to say about it! Anyways, John loved the shoe store- especially the pretty sparkly shoes! He did have them on, but he had just spotted another pair (pink and white sandals) that he was running for when I got the camera out. He's such a fashion forward kind of guy!

Jeff and John both found shoes on clearance! Yes, Johns are navy and red running shoes with Velcro tabs, he didn't get sparkly or pink. On the way home he took off the new shoes and called PopPop on them! Too bad PopPop couldn't hear him on the shoe phone.

One of Johns new favorite things are his BumBee's. Just in the last few weeks he has become inseparable from his blankets- especially the green one. He calls it BumBee (the other one is blue bumbee) and drags it everywhere! Most children attach themselves to a 'transitional object' early in the first year, but I guess John likes to be a little different!


Anonymous said...

I want a shoe phone! Just like Get Smart! That's just pretty darn cute, that's what that is.

Janet said...

Just seems right that a wee-sailor loves water. Okay, John got the blue and red shoes, did Jeff get the pink or sparkly ones?(just kidding) Give John a squeeze and a kiss from us. Grandma&Grandpa

Anonymous said...

I too have a shoe phone.. I am sure I can hear John. I was able to see Owen's trains today also.

Kristen Scott said...

the first one on this post is my FAV!