Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Market

Sunday morning we drove into Blenheim to go to the Farmers Market. We were expecting a huge market like the one we went to in Auckland, but what we found was a small chic market, but still quite nice.
We stocked up on fresh veggies, homemade red pepper hummus and even had a hot breakfast. For $6 (aprox. US $3) we got a fresh omelet, made with local produce and free range local eggs. Inside was tomatoes, red onion, spinach, and cheese. The best part was the plate and cutlery which was made from potatoes!!!!!!! How cool is that?


Janet said...

Farmers Markets are the best! Everywhere you go, it seems that you are on the pulse of activities, that are good for the three of you. Enjoy every moment together.

Danny said...

I want potato cutlery. Can you cook all your sporks in a pinch?