Thursday, March 19, 2009

Forest Fire!

While John was having his nap on Wednesday Jeff and I heard a lot of sirens screaming down the street. We didn't think twice about it, the roads here are really curvy and narrow so we figured there was an accident or something. A weather front was due to pass in the afternoon so when John awoke we decided to pack up and go for a little walk before the rain came. When we got to the end of the street we saw billows of smoke and even some flames on the next hill!
John and I had made a new friend at playgroup that morning, Caleb and his Mom Larissa who live on the next street over from us. We walked up to their house and got them and then the 5 of us went down the road towards the park (and the fire!). We figured we'd be able to let the boys play at the park while we watched the fire- we didn't realize how close to the park it was, they were landing helicopters in the parking lot/launch ramp that is right next to the playground!!!

Needless to say, we didn't go all the way to the playground, we kept the boys in their 'prams' and watched the helicopters pick up buckets of water from the harbor. The boys loved watching all the action!

This picture was taken from the end of the street we live on- that's how close it was to us! Luckily they got it out quickly, no houses were seriously damaged and no people were hurt- the news said it was started accidentally by kids playing with fireworks- lesson learned?

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Janet said...

Oh my!! The boys look about the same age. It's wonderful that John has a playmate. Picton certainly has a pleasant harbor.