Thursday, July 10, 2008


Alexis was my first friend when we moved to Grosse Pointe when I was in the first grade. We grew up only 1 block apart and pretty much did everything together for years, in fact, all they way through 12th grade we had at least one class together. There were Maire Bears, Brownies, Girl Scouts, summers in Knobinway and Mackinac Island, the drama of middle school, more drama in high school, boys, proms, and finally college- and everything in between! We would fight like cats, but especially when we were younger, we would make up by shaking hands and saying "Friends Forever".... We both ended up in Kalamazoo for college, I was at Western and she was at K-College. We managed to stay in touch for a few years and then we sort of stopped- but never totally. About once a year one of us would call or email with an update, we would connect for a dinner (but no drinks because I was pregnant!).
Well, the other day I got that yearly email from Lex! She graduated with her PhD in English Composition Rhetoric (correct me if I'm wrong!) from Purdue University- way to go Alexis!!! She will be starting a teaching job in the fall at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. The email said that she was coming to Michigan for about a week, and could we get together? She'd only be in Detroit for 1 day and then she would be in Petoskey helping her parents with an antique show. Did I say Petoskey?! YES! That's near us! Well I wrote her back right away and finally she called me back.
After only getting lost once due to my bad directions, she made it up to the house to meet John. Its too bad she couldn't stay longer, we were just getting to the good stuff when she had to go! Hopefully we will be able to keep in better touch in the future, old friends are special. FRIENDS FOREVER!


Janet said...

Friends can make the years melt away and seem as if it was just yesterday you were spending lots of time together. I'm so glad that Alexis made it to CV so she could meet John and chat with you. By the look on John's face it appears as if he was very happy to see a visitor too!

David and Joelle Turner's Blog said...

So neat that you got to see Alexis!! Glad you guys had a good time and I hope you get together again soon!